Ep. 15 Beyond Mindset & The Brighter Side with Clay Moffat

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In this episode, I interview Clay Moffat. He is a performance coach and founder of Gray Zone Underground – a unit of performing entrepreneurs realizing that with the right tools there are shortcuts. The cheat codes to success that the elite don’t want you to know about.


(8:50) Business tactic: “Go beyond mindset. When you set something, it means it’s stuck in place. So it’s not just “mind-set”, it’s more about programming yourself in a stage where you’re growing. Because it’s a process, it’s going to continue.”


(19:15) Moment of Gratitude = Clay is grateful for his businesses, amazing girlfriend, unbelievable family, his clients, even the worst day of his life right now are better than the days before.”


(22:05) Life Lesson on: “You’re lucky, start seeing the bright side all the time.”


We also talk about: 

💪 Key differences, habits and mindset between employees and entrepreneurs

💪Critical changes that need to happen for somebody working 9-5 to run a successful company from scratch

💪 How to communicate with your potential customers

💪 Entrepreneur’s full ownership

💪 Knowing what you really want and let it motivate you


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Elias Benjelloun

Elias Benjelloun

I'm a growth marketer inspired by technology. I believe that now, more than ever before do we need to empower ourselves with the tools and resources to succeed in this digital revolution.

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