Ep. 10 Instagram Marketing & Traveling More with Conor Paulsen

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Conor Paulsen is the co-founder of Uptown Creation and he shares his story about bootstrapping their Instagram marketing agency during and after college. 


🎶 Superman by Brandon Millares


Here’s the breakdown for today:


Business Tactic is on “the 80/20 rule for Instagram” 


(11:40) Grow your Instagram account by posting & sharing stories daily to build momentum. 


(20:30) Moment of Gratitude = Conor is extra-grateful for his girlfriend and her support on his entrepreneurial journey.   


(25:10) Life Lesson on “traveling more” 


We also talk about:

💪 Whether or not college makes sense in 2020

💪 How to grow a quality account on Instagram 

💪 How Conor bootstrapped his agency from scratch with cold pitching 

💪 How to grow your Instagram account organically from scratch 

💪 Our love for traveling and Conor’s time in Asia


Got instagram or agency questions for Conor or me? Drop them in the comments below 👇


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🎶 Music presented by Brandon Millares! Follow his original music here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3M3jteiPxvQJd86DzPwnsR

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Elias Benjelloun

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