Ep. 07 Video Basics & Taking Control with Juraj Breezy

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In today’s episode I interview Juraj Breezy, the founder of Now Or Never VDO.

We talk about videography and the world of video marketing. 


🎶 Music by Brandon Millares 


Here’s the breakdown for today:


(2:05) Business Tactic is on “How To Get Started WIth Engaging Video Right Away.”


(11:00) Moment of Gratitude = Juraj is grateful for life and for everything in his life; including his fiance, his business, and living the life of his dreams. 


(14:20) Life Lesson is on “Taking Control & Just Doing It.”


We also talk about:

💪 His process for creating professional video content 

💪 What pushed Juraj over the edge to pursue entrepreneurship 

💪 The importance of focusing on positivity to attract the right things in your life


Got freelance or videography questions for Juraj or me? Drop them in the comments below 👇


🎶 Listen to more of Brandon Millares’ music on spotify link in the comments below 👇

Connect with Juraj on Facebook.


🎶 Listen to more of Brandon Millares’ music on spotify:


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