Ep.05 The Blame Game & Going Wide vs. Deep with Elisha Israel

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What do you do when your client relationship goes to shit due to the blame game?  


Elisha Israel and I had this debate on my podcast. There’s a lot to unpack here, so you can skip to 5:00 if you’re feeling trigger happy. 

Elisha specializes in lead generation through direct marketing and paid advertising.


We kick things off with a debate on how to handle clients and the blame game.


(5:00) Business Tactic on “Debate on Handling Clients”. 


(15:00) Moment of Gratitude = Elisha is grateful for his roots, for knowing what matters to him, and for the privilege of feeling grateful. 


(16:10) Life Lesson on “when to go wide vs. going deep.” 


We also talk about:

💪 The similarities between basketball and marketing 

💪 How to deal with bad client relationships

💪 The importance of learning and focus to build your skills


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Elias Benjelloun

Elias Benjelloun

I'm a growth marketer inspired by technology. I believe that now, more than ever before do we need to empower ourselves with the tools and resources to succeed in this digital revolution.

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