Ep. 04 Three Ws & Life Lessons with Siloh Moses

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In today’s episode I get to chat with serial social entrepreneur Siloh Moses.


Siloh specializes in helping entrepreneurs create a world class social impact while building their business. He’s the co-founder and leader of ServingHopeLV: a community organization that has delivered over 97,472 individual meals to the less fortunate community in Las Vegas.



He’s committed to his hustle and his audience, teaching thousands of people lessons on mindset and entrepreneurship to become their greatest possible self.



(7:00) Business Tactic on “The 3 Ws of Entrepreneurship” 



(16:00) Moment of Gratitude = Siloh is grateful for his team of volunteers serving those less fortunate in the community.



(18:30) Life Lesson on “Everything that happens in life is a lesson, and you should take everything life throws at you as an opportunity to learn.” 



We also talk about Siloh’s:

💪 Non-profit ServingHopeLV

💪 The importance of investing the time to dig your ditches

💪 Mission in life to inspire, empower, and help social entrepreneurs



Curious for more? 



–> Connect with Siloh on Facebook.

–> Learn more about social entrepreneurship and join Siloh’s coaching programs at WeWin360.com

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