Ep. 02 Business Validation & Lifestyle Builders with Tom Sylvester

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In today’s episode I get to chat with serial entrepreneur and business coach Tom Sylvester.  


Tom and his wife run multiple businesses including a wine and liquor store, real estate investment firm, and coaching business. 


They’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their business and achieve the freedom they deserve through their coaching practice, course, and new book Lifestyle Builders. 


(8:09) Business Tactic on “the process of validating your business” 


(18:30) Moment of Gratitude = Tom is grateful for his badass wife & all the challenges he’s been through 


(20:38) Life Lesson on “Figuring out what’s important in YOUR life and prioritizing that above all else” 


We also talk about:

💪 How Tom lost $7500 in a failed investment at age 21

💪 Setting up an MVP to validate your offer

💪 The importance of prioritizing your life over your business


Curious for more? 


Connect with Tom on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Apply to join the Lifestyle Builders incubator at https://tomandariana.com/join

Get their latest book Lifestyle Builders at http://lifestylebuildersbook.com

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