Ep. 01 Memes & Flow with Email Marketing Pro Dave Miz

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In today’s episode I get to chat with email marketing pro Dave Miz. Dave has been doing email marketing longer than some of y’all online marketers have been using the internet. #facts.


Dave is the founder of The Email Experience helping ecom brands doing $100K+/month add an extra 20%+ in revenue to their stores. 



(15:35) Business Tactic on “Using Memes to Generate Leads”


(23:50) Moment of Gratitude = Dave is grateful for his badass mentor JOHN REESE!  


(28:20) Life Lesson on “Staying in Flow State to Stay Happy & Successful”


We also talk about Dave’s:

💪 Earliest hustle: teaching men how to date better than Quagmire 

💪 Gratitude for his mentor John Reese, the first 24 hour millionaire on the internet

💪 Love for Amsterdam and their trees



Curious for more? 


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Elias Benjelloun

Elias Benjelloun

I'm a growth marketer inspired by technology. I believe that now, more than ever before do we need to empower ourselves with the tools and resources to succeed in this digital revolution.


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