12+ Resources

Facebook Groups THE MEC 🌎 #BUILDERS 🛠️ Inside the Millennial Entrepreneur Community 🌎 you’ll find over 70,000 fellow entrepreneurs tuning in from all around the world. In the MEC you can find advice on mindsets, operations, finances, marketing, and so much more. Join Group CHARM OFFENSIVE Founded by the witty Brit known as Jon Buchan.… Continue reading 12+ Resources

Serving Community at Homie

Wassup, Homie! Thanks so much for checking out this personal blog post reflecting on my time at Homie, the work we’re doing, and the road ahead.   Homie is a tech-first, mission-driven real estate company. At Homie, our mission is making homeownership easy, affordable, and accessible for all. Homie has saved customers over $70,000,000 in… Continue reading Serving Community at Homie

Tech Start Our World

The digital revolution is already here and the disruption is only getting started. Don’t believe me? Read my blog post on the Digital Revolution here.   I propose it’s time to Tech Start Our World. My startup Tech Start is on a mission to empower the world with technology, not just disrupt it.   I’m… Continue reading Tech Start Our World

Growing With Podcasts

I believe podcasting is such a powerful way to learn and build community. As an avid podcast listener and producer since 2018, I’m in awe of how much the industry has grown in such a short time.    Today, I produce a few of my own podcasts in the spirit of learning including: Hustle Science… Continue reading Growing With Podcasts