Ep. 20 Self Control & The Art of Listening with Sercan John Topcu

In today’s episode, I interview Sercan John Topcu. He is a co-founder of Tembo Education, the Research Associate in Lightbend, Inc. and is also a Forbes under 30 recognized entrepreneur. He is also a consultant to enterprises exploring streaming, BigData and Microservices.


Here’s the breakdown for today:


(13:15) Business tactics on “Every single day I make sure I know how I’m gonna control my work ethic, attitude and motivation for that day.”


(23:15) Moment of Gratitude = Sercan is grateful for the opportunity of being able to share his experiences and that people want to listen to it.


(24:00) Life lesson on “Break the conversation barrier and know how to handle a true conversation”.


We also talk about: 

💪 How he got his start in entrepreneurship

💪 Importance of analytical thinking and human behavior

💪 How to nurture relationships

💪 The power of traveling

💪 Impact and power of “WHY”


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