Ep. 17 Creating Systems & Persistence with Jeffrey Butler

In today’s episode, I interview Jeffrey Butler. He is the founder of J. Butler International. You have probably seen him featured before on Forbes, a whole host of other magazines or maybe you have even seen some of his talks. He’s a public speaker, and delivers keynotes all around the world.


(08:15) Business tactic “The ability to create systems. Whenever you are in a business, you have to let go of what you’re doing and have someone else take over it for you.”


(17:00) Moment of Gratitude = Jeffrey is particularly grateful for having his grandfather ask him to spend his last couple of years with him. He never thought that he would get a chance to have a relationship with him like that


(19:55) Life Lesson on “Persistence is the number 1 thing that entrepreneurs can have. Keep going.” 


We also talk about: 

💪 His entrepreneurial journey

💪 Setting up the right system and delegating tasks

💪 Essential tools for online communication

💪 Lessons you can learn in entrepreneurship


Got business or entrepreneurship questions for Jeffrey or me? Drop them in the comments below 👇


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