Ep. 16 Customer’s Psyche & Chasing Passion with Daniel Doan

In today’s episode, I interview Daniel Doan. He is a growth marketer and inbound marketing expert with over half a decade of experience building brands and growing communities for hundreds of independent game developers and established game companies worldwide.

He has now expanded his reach even further and since 2012 has worked as a copywriting and conversion specialist, driving millions of visitors/views, tens of thousands of leads, and thousands of customers for companies ranging from VC-backed tech startups to Fortune 500s.

The notorious copywriter and digital marketing expert shares his secrets to hacking into your customer’s psyche.

Here’s the breakdown for today:

(06:50) Business tactic on “Hacking Into Your Customer’s Psyche.”

(13:45) Moment of Gratitude = Daniel is really grateful that he doesn’t have to eat expired food from the store anymore because he remembers when he’s struggling, those were the types of things he had to deal with back then.

(17:40) Life lessons on “If you chase your passions, you’ll try harder. And by trying harder you have a much better chance of making it.”

We also talk about:
💪 Understanding your target audience
💪 How and why chasing your passions will lead to real success
💪 His growth as an entrepreneurship

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