Ep. 14 Health as Wealth & Lifestyle with Jason Priest

In today’s episode I interview Jason Priest, founder of Dad Bod Health. Jason has created a program for busy Dads that allows them to ditch the dad bod without giving up burgers and beer.

Here’s the breakdown for today:

Business tactic on “Your health is your true wealth”

(18:45) Moment of Gratitude: “I’m grateful for my family’s health, and the ability to serve others at the level that I do in order to help them to change their own lives.”

(24:40) Life Lesson on “Your health is your number 1 priority – without it you have nothing. With it you have hope. If you have hope you have everything.“

We also talk about:
💪 How to invest your time into fitness
💪 Proper fitness routine & eating habits
💪 What Jason’s prescribed diet looks like
💪 Taking control of your life, health and business

Got personal fitness or lifestyle questions for Jasson or me? Drop them in the comments below 👇

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