Ep. 13 Connection & Building Genuine Relationship with Cynthia Thurlow


In today’s episode I interview Cynthia Thurlow. She is a nurse practitioner, a podcast host, online entrepreneur and an expert on intermittent fasting.

Here’s the breakdown for today: 

(5:35) Business Tactics on “Leverage relationships in your life”

(18:40) Moment of Gratitude = Being grateful for the health that she has as often times we take our health for granted. She is grateful for getting her strength back and being able to train at the gym again after her recovery.

(23:40) Life Lesson on “Letting go of what you cannot control. I encourage everyone to actualize perseverance. We all have the ability to turn the negative things into positive ones, like changing the way we view our situations.”

We also talk about: 

💪 Serving people in different ways

💪 Being an entrepreneur is being an extrovert

💪 Joining groups with genuine interaction and interest

💪 Connecting and building a relationship with people 

💪 Finding your niches and growing

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