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I am addicted to learning and will be sharing everything I learn and experiment with here on my site. The topics I’m exploring include digital marketing, data science, and consumer psychology. In partnership with my wife Dez, we co-founded Powered By Nova an agency specializing in digital strategy and design for startups, real estate agents, political campaigns, and corporate brands.


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Challenges Food Startups Face

  CHALLENGES FOOD STARTUPS FACE Access and collaboration is the key to success for food startups. There are many partners needed in production and the supply chain to deliver an innovative food product successfully.   Thomas van den Boezem Thomas is the...

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Monetizing Instagram

Monetizing instagram In today's digital world, you can monetize attention. No matter how small or big your instagram account is, if you garner attention you can monetize. Find out how on this 5DIVE!   Josue Pena   Josue used to work 10 - 12 hours a day, but...

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Writing Fiery Cold Emails

WRITING FIERY COLD EMAILS Can a drunk email get you sales for your sober self? Not always, but find out how Jon Buchan took cold email to the next level!   Jon Buchan  Jon saves babies, kitties, and puppies from the burning apocalypse that is annoying spam email....

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Restaurants Keeping Focus

Restaurants keeping focus Restaurants fail when they lose focus and start expanding their menus a dozen ways. Learn these essential keys to restaurant success in this 5DIVE!   Eli Micaiah Eli is an experienced restaurant consultant with a history working in the...

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization Every touchpoint your business has with a customer can be optimise to generate more revenue, from more customers, for longer periods of time.   Will Laurenson  Will has been optimising customer experiences to reduce costs of...

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Building Customer Success

Building Customer Success Long-gone are the days of scummy salesmen and overpromising and underdelivering. When you're honest, people stay because they want to; not because they're forced to.   Elizabeth Sena Elizabeth has over 10 years in the retail space. She's...

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Recurring Revenue Models

RECURRING REVENUE MODELS One of the major keys to tactical content marketing is delivering valuable content that addresses the problems your prospects are facing.   Juan Felipe Campos Juan Felipe Campos serves as Partner and VP of Technology at Manos Accelerator...

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Being a Dynamic Food Marketer

BEING A DYNAMIC FOOD MARKETER Staying dynamic is the key to Jordan's success. That means learning to leverage different platforms to reach different audiences at the right time. That's Google search for users with intent, Facebook ads to boost awarenss and drive...

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Introduction to Content Marketing

INTRO TO CONTENT MARKETING One of the major keys to tactical content marketing is delivering valuable content that addresses the problems your prospects are facing.   Øystein Winje Arntzen  Øystein is Head of Sales at Sidekick Content, a Malta based agency that...

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The Art of Storytelling

The Art of storytelling "Know thyself and you will never lose the battle." This concept originates from Sun Tzu's Art of War, but it actually applies to Branding and Story-telling too.   Thomas Camilleri Tom is a Champion of Storytelling at Switch Digital &...

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